Webbs of Redditch

Shop at 20 Church Green East

This is the history of the Webb family of Redditch during the past 200 years. There is plenty of history and nostalgia, with lots of photographs, advertisements, documents etc. which should fascinate anyone with an interest in local and family history.

It begins with William Webb, who travelled from Oxfordshire around 1770 to work at Beoley papermill, near Redditch. The story continues into the early 19th century, telling how one of his sons was a servant to Lord Nelson during the French Wars, and one of his grandsons became a Methodist missionary in Roatan, Honduras.

The next generation lived in Victorian Britain, both in Birmingham and in Redditch, and it was one of William's great-grandsons who founded the Redditch firm of Webb & Sons in Church Green East. This family business survived for a hundred years until the late 1980s, starting as bakers and confectioners and later also becoming successful seed merchants.

It has taken several years of research to amass this information, which I am happy to share with you. Please contact me if you have anything to add, or any modifications to suggest.

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Family Trees

Chapter 1 ~ William the Papermaker; 1737-1810

Chapter 2 ~ William's Sons; Redditch to 1840

Chapter 3 ~ A Sailor's Life in Nelson's Navy

Chapter 4 ~ Birmingham Connections; 1820-1861

Chapter 5 ~ Life of a Missionary; 1828-1899

Chapter 6 ~ Victorian Redditch; 1841-1881

Chapter 7 ~ A Nation of Shopkeepers

Chapter 8 ~ Founding the Firm; from 1830

Chapter 9 ~ Jubilee & Tragedy; 1887

Chapter 10 ~ A New Century

Chapter 11 ~ 1930s & Beyond

Chapter 12 ~ End of an Era

bringing together researches, pedigrees and references to the WEBB(E) surname (and variants).