Family Trees



William Webb, papermaker, born Whitchurch, Hants 1737, died Beoley 1810. Married Martha Webb (1729-1809) at Stapleford, Cambs. in May 1764.
Their children were:
(i) William (papermaker) christened at Sawston, Cambs. 21/4/1765. He married May Bate at Beoley in 1790. see Family Tree B below.
(ii) Mary, christened at Sawston Cambs. 8/6/1766. No further information.
(iii) Edward (papermaker) christened Eynsham, Oxon. 1768 (died at Ipsley 1829, but buried at Beoley). He married Mary (possibly Hubbard - at St Martin's, Birmingham 4/6/1797) - they had 8 children. See Family Tree C below.
(iv) James christened at Beoley in 1773 (died Beoley 1828). Details of his first wife and possible children unknown. As a widower he married Rachel Harder (widow) in 1815.
(v) Joseph, papermaker, then sailor. Details of birth (c 1775) / death unknown.
(vi) Martha, christened at Beoley 1775 - no further details.
(vii) Charles, clerk. Christened at St Stephen's, Bordesley near Redditch 1778. Never married. Buried at new chapel of St Stephen's, Redditch 1853.


William Webb, christened at Sawston, Cambs. (21/4/1765) date of death unknown (pre 1851). Papermaker, married Mary Bate at Beoley in 1790. Their children were:

(i) Martha, christened at St Stephen's, Bordesley near Redditch 9/10/1791
(ii) Mary, christened at St Stephen's 1793, died 1802
(iii) James born c1802 (died 1887) probably married Susannah Vincent (1803 - 1831).
Their children were James (1828-1886) who married widow Mary Fourt and became landlord of The Red Lion, and Eliza Jane who married William Guise.
(iv) Harriet born c1807. Her illegitimate son Henry was a tailor. He married Sarah Ann (1834-1914) who became a dressmaker after she was widowed. They had 7 children. (see Family Tree D below)
(v) John (1810-1858). Married Elizabeth (later known as Betsey, or possibly his second wife). He had at least 4 children (with a gap of 10 years between - see chart)
(vi) Sarah Maria born 1812 but christened as an adult in 1832. Her illegitimate daughter Martha was born in 1834.


Edward Webb, papermaker, christened Eynsham, Oxon, 1768. Married Mary (possibly Hubbard) in Birmingham. He died at Ipsley but was buried at Beoley in 1829. His widow Mary died in Birmingham, where she was living with her son James and family. Edward and Mary had the following children:

(i) Ann born 1798 - no further details
(ii) Betsey born 1800 - no further details
(iii) Joseph, bridle cutter & harness maker. Christened at Beoley in 1801. He married Ann Payne Hunt at St Philip's in Birmingham in 1824. They had 4 children including Edward Daniel the missionary. Joseph's second marriage was to Catharine Hillman in 1841 (at St Philip's)
(iv) Betsey born 1803 - no further details
(v) William, fish hook maker and baker, founder of Webb & Son. Christened at Beoley in 1806. His first wife Elizabeth and their daughter Ellen died 1830 / 31. His second wife was Susannah Gardner (married St Philip's, Birmingham 1832). They had 6 children (4 who survived infancy - Ellen married John Hickley; Emma married James Cranmore; Thomas Edward married Catharine Cheer; William married Sarah Hollington.
(vi) James, bridle maker, christened at Beoley in 1811. He probably married Elizabeth Boswell at Aston juxta Birmingham in 1831, and they had 5 children. see Family Tree F below.
(vii) Harvey, bridle cutter, christened at Beoley in 1811. He married Lydia Pratt at Tardebigge in 1836. He died at Deritend, Birmingham in 1865 but was buried at Beoley.They had 3 children. See Family Tree G below.
(viii) Charles, needlemaker, christened at Beoley in 1814. He lived in Redditch for most of his life.
Married three times - 1. Mary Kingerlee at St Martin's Birmingham 25/12/1835. Their daughter Ann Kingersley (?) christened in Redditch in 1836, died 1839.
2. Emily Lee at St Martin's in 1842. They had 9 children - see Family Tree H below.
3. Elizabeth Newell at Ipsley in 1875.
Charles died in 1880 at 66 Ipsley Road.


Henry was one of the grandsons of William (and Mary Bate), the illegitimate son of Harriet. He was a tailor and his wife Sarah Ann became a dressmaker. They lived at one time in Mount Pleasant, but in the 1881 census his widow Sarah Ann is found living in Hewell Road with her 6 surviving children, and her mother-in-law Harriet. Sarah Ann continued living at this address until her death in 1914.





Edward Daniel, second son of Joseph (bridle cutter) & Ann, was brought up in the centre of Birmingham. He was converted at Redditch, presumably while visiting his cousins, and then trained at Richmond College to become a Wesleyan Missionary (see chapter 5). His daughter Eliza Jane was born "at sea near Honduras". She presumably met her future husband while her father, now back in England, was serving on the Methodist Circuit at Ledbury c 1883. Eliza Jane and Stanley Badcock were married in the Kensington registration district in 1888. Stanley was a glovers commercial traveller (Hornsey, Middlesex 1891) then a Jewellers gold representative (1901). Edward's widow Eliza continued living at Eastwood, Notts, after Edward's death.

James was the 3rd son of Edward & Mary. He was a bridle cutter, and is found in the census of 1841 at Salop St in Birmingham, with his wife Elizabeth, his children and his widowed mother Mary. in 1851 the family were at Heath Road, Harborne (Staffs), and he and Elizabeth were still there in 1871. James died in 1879, and in the 1881 census his widow Elizabeth is living with daughter Susannah who had married Thomas Rapp.
Harvey was the fourth son of Edward & Mary, born February 14th at Beoley and christened there in 1811. He married Lydia at Tardebigge in 1836 and by the census of 1841 he was a bridle cutter in Darwin St Birmingham (the same road as his brother Joseph). By 1851 both brothers had moved to Cannon Street (and 1861). Harvey died at Salop St, Deritend in 1865. Lydia moved in with son James, and later died at his house in High Street Bordesley.
Charles, youngest son of Edward & Mary, christened at Beoley 28/3/1814. He was first married to Mary Kingerlee at St Martin's, Birmingham on Christmas Day 1835. Their daughter Ann Kingisley (sp?) was christened at St Stephen's in March 1837. She died in January 1839, and mother Mary must have died shortly afterwards. Charles, a needlemaker, was staying with his brother William in the 1841 census, and married Emily Lee at St Martin's 20/2/1842.
In 1844 they were at Studley; in 1848 at Breedon (Redditch) and in 1851 they were living wth their children in Church Green West. Cousin Rev Edward Daniel makes particular mention of their daughter *Harriet in his historical note about the Webb family, but why? Their eldest son, Edward, became a Gothic metal worker, and later a gold/silversmith, living in Harborne until post 1901. They had 3 children. Second son Alfred became a printer compositor. He was visiting his cousins in Redditch in 1881, leaving his wife Katherine at home. In 1891 they were in Ladywood, Birmingham. Third son Joseph became a silver beater. He was staying with his brother Edward in York St B'ham in 1871; in 1881 he was a gold beater in Ruston St, and in 1891 he was a timekeeper at a tinplate manufactuary and living in St Mark's Street.

Thomas Edward was the third child and eldest son of William and Susannah. He did not at first have an interest in the family business of Webb & Son, but was a representative for a Redditch needle firm, living for several years in Stoke Newington, London. On the death of his younger brother William he returned to Redditch, and lived for the rest of his life at 20 Church Green East, expanding the business considerably. A few years before his move back to Redditch he seems to have had business dealings with his brother-in-law John Hickley, in Aldershot.

It is from this branch of the family that the author of this history descends.

William was the second son of William & Susannah. He was in business with his father as a baker and confectioner. After his untimely death in 1887 his widow Sarah moved to Bedford and then to Surrey (reasons unknown). His brother Thomas Edward took over the family business and expanded it.